Saturday, June 13, 2015

proxy-libintl note

proxy-libintl - it's tiny library for glib - used for it's internal purposes - as proxy library. It consists of 2 files: libintl.h and libintl.c. To build this library - just create 'static library' visual studio project (name it 'intl', bcs glib wait file intl.lib), add these files to project, set mode & settings (/MT & /MTd in my case) and just build it.
Download sources you can here.

Also you can copy symbols to the library (without it you will receive warnings later). For example, if you put lib file into subdirectories _build_x64_static_debug_mtd/lib and _build_x64_static_release_mt/lib, you can copy

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  1. Unfortunately, the libintl-link is dead. I tried and succeeded in doing it with libGetText, containing intl.

    Otherwise, thanks for your good tutorials! :D Helped me a lot!